President’s Message

Welcome to the AIUS SA.

Adelaide and South Australia’s quality of life and prosperity were born from our desire for the good life.

However, many of the local urban issues we grapple with are not unique in the world. In our ambition to genuinely strengthen local conversation, discussion and debate about all aspects of urban life, the AIUS SA endeavours to contribute to better understanding some of the worlds grittiest urban issues.

Established in 1967, the Australian Institute of Urban Studies – South Australia (AIUS SA) is an independent, not-for-profit, member-based organisation that exists to provoke rich conversation, deep discussion and rigorous debate about urban life in Adelaide and South Australia.

Our purpose is to strengthen the prosperity of Adelaide and South Australia.

Opportunities for you to participate in shaping the conversation, discussion and debate about urban life in Adelaide and South Australia, is offered through a range of platforms including forums, seminars, events, essays, insight papers and social media.

Throughout the year we select a range of topics in liaison with our members and through events seek to identify and influence the key points of impact for each topic, understand the mindsets shaping the issue, explore governance, policy and regulation, public perceptions as well as potential future industry and job opportunities.

Throughout the year the AIUS SA will be exploring some of the grittiest urban issues for Adelaide, South Australia and beyond including:

  • the new economy
  • cities for young people to flourish
  • our mindset – civic and business confidence, ambition and determination
  • inequality and the rise of protest politics
  • housing innovation.

If urban life in Adelaide and South Australia matters to you, please join us.

Trish Hansen
President, AIUS-SA